This data is not public and is based on internal information, which fluctuates frequently. It may be innaccurate.

Today, ... new COVID-19 case(s) were reported to CNU

In total, at least ... positive COVID-19 cases have been reported

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This website tracks current and historical COVID-19 cases on Christopher Newport University's campus

The data this website is based on is open-source and auditable.

If you have information about COVID-19 cases at CNU which is not represented on this website, please contact me so that I can represent it here.


I'm a CNU alum who is disappointed in CNU's lack of transparency and handling of COVID-19 cases. I am worried for current Captains who reside on campus this year, and I believe that CNU's mishandling of this data puts them in more danger due to lack of proper information.

To illustrate this, CNU's official COVID Dashboard offers only a bar graph showing the current number of reported "active" cases, broken down by student and employee cases. Historical data and trends are not available. In addition, CNU's bar graph has a minimum graph height of a seemingly completely arbitrary 50 cases, making the real reported number look small in comparison. Even with this lacking representation, it appears that the numbers displayed on this dashboard have not always been accurate.

It would seem as though whoever maintains this dashboard could do with re-taking some of CNU's own liberal learning requirements on mathematical literacy, which I am confident had a lesson on proper data representation.

In addition, despite ever-changing case numbers, CNU's tone-deaf social media presence continues to portray the campus as safe and allows community members to feel as though this is a regular semester with only minor inconveniences.

This data would be much better served directly from CNU, rather than a hastily-created and unofficial website without insight into key data and case details. In order to become more transparent, CNU must do the following:

  1. Transition the official COVID-19 dashboard to a line graph or similar representation including historical numbers
  2. Publish currently active case numbers exactly once daily at a preset time
  3. Note clearly any errors or updates to the reported number of cases
  4. Indicate the date when any new positive COVID-19 case is reported to the university
  5. Disclose the total cumulative number of unique positive cases which have been reported
  6. Disclose the total number of students instructed to quarantine due to a positive reported case